Apr 28, 2022

Trevor Noah’s ‘The Tipping Point’ Doc Series Lands At MSNBC

MSNBC Films has boarded Trevor Noah’s documentary series The Tipping Point and will air it on its linear news channel and Peacock this fall.

The series brings together a number of independent films about tipping points that created significant changes in the world from directors and executive producers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie and Kat Graham.

The Tipping Point is produced by Time Studios, Noah’s Day Zero, Sugar23, and P&G Studios.

Films also come from the likes of Orlando Von Einsiedel, Sam Feder and Daresha Kyi.

Topics include: How is the growing American political divide – fueled by partisan television and disinformation – threatening to upend our time-honored democracy? How is voting legislation currently being introduced in states nationwide threatening to disenfranchise millions of voters? How have the growing number of internally displaced people – partnered with burgeoning anti-immigrant sentiments – created a condition of crisis around the globe?

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